Joyful Mindful Movement ist eine einfache aber wirksame Methode zur Verbesserung der Lebensqualität. Man lernt dabei geistige und körperliche Blockaden ohne Medikamente zu lösen.

Dies geschieht durch die Wiederherstellung des natürlichen Zustands des Seins. Wenn wir in unserem natürlichen Zustand sind, fließt die Lebensenergie ungehindert durch den Körper und man fühlt sich glücklicher. Das sorgt für ein verbessertes Wohlbefinden und schützt z.B. vor Burnout.

Durch die Verwendung isolierter Bewegungen aus dem Yan Shou Gong Nei Gong System löst man Blockaden. Dies erhöht die Fähigkeit sich auf seinen Körper einzustellen und zu lernen, einen freien Energiefluss im Inneren aufrechtzuerhalten.

Das Yan Shou Gong Nei Gong System basiert auf den besten Praktiken, die der berühmte Shaolin Tempel in Bezug auf die Heilkünste zu bieten hatte. Diese Übungen wurden von zwei der renommiertesten Großmeister ihrer Zeit mit dem Hauptaugenmerk auf die Verbesserung der eigenen Gesundheit ausgewählt und modifiziert.

Entwickelt hat das JOYFUL MINDFUL MOVEMENT Programm Shifu Lyndon Oudsten, gemeinsam mit einem Expertenteam. Er praktiziert es seit ein paar Jahren sehr erfolgreich mit Kindern und Erwachsenen in den Niederlanden. Von der Wirksamkeit konnte ich mir bei einem ersten Pilotworkshop im Shaolin Temple Europe in Otterberg ein Bild machen. Eine Teilnehmerin schrieb nach dem Workshop auf Facebook:

I’m just back from Shaolin Temple Europe where. I attended a workshop lead by Master Lyndon Oudsten. It was about breathing, grounding, harmonization and setting boundaries. Of course, putting that experience into words is already corrupting it and I’m reluctant to do it but communication is sometimes important to spread the good word about wholesome activities.

I first knew about Master Lyndon Oudsten thanks to Master Shi Heng Yi’s « tea talk » where he introduced him . He made a strong impression to me and after that I had a prescient dream in which I would meet him. So, when an impromptu workshop was organized, I knew I had to go. I dropped everything and went there.

During the practice, that was the first time I realized the influence of the empty mind on the strength of the body. Knowing it rationally is one thing but experiencing it is another one. It gives you a real insight that can not be erased from the mind/heart. When you sit in meditation, you still your body at the same time and minimize the sense contacts. The body does what it has to do: breathing, blood pumping and other autonomous functions. With practice and over time it’s possible to feel the body disappearing which makes it easier to get an empty mind. However, when you are standing and being pushed by someone else, it’s much more difficult to be in that state of emptiness and to connect to the entire body and your environment at the same time. That was great training!

Interestingly enough, I received this teaching on grounding a couple of months ago already but I couldn’t get grounded. It didn’t land, I didn’t know how to « do » it.

This time, it landed. It landed and remained deep into my heart. I understood that when you are pushed, resistance is of no use. Like in real life, the more you mentally resist events, the more problems you’ll get. I realized that in order to not be pushed away, you have to get your strength from Earth and not to focus your mind on the spot you are being pushed on. It’s a body/mind connection work using your whole body. That’s so difficult to describe 😃 and also difficult to perform.

This is at that time you realize that the time spent emptying the mind and purifying it from unwholesome qualities using proper methods such as sitting meditation pays off. By becoming selfless, you can gather strong power. Of course, correct alignment of the body structure is another crucial point.

I loved the harmonization exercises. Working in duo, following by touch the arms movements of the other person you are working with. Feeling your partner, listening to the bodies in interaction. You can strongly feel the disconnection when your mind starts wandering off or when you get tense. You need to become more than one or to become less than one would be more correct. You need to let go of your individuality, of the notion of « me » and the « other ». You need to trust in order to be trusted. You need to be open and accept the other’s move, to be fully present, not only to your own body.

Setting the physical boundaries was also an insightful exercise. It made resurface some tendencies I have developed to protect the abused body and heart. Unfortunately, those are latent tendencies that might not be useful. I learnt how to set boundaries while being soft but firm and resolute at the same time without harming the other person. It was enlightening on the work that is left to be done.

Now that I had a glimpse on these methods, i’d like to learn and practice more. Let’s see if new opportunities will appear!

I’d like to express my deep gratitude to the Master, his student, his own Master as well. All who have worked very hard on themselves to be able to bring that knowledge out to the world.

Quelle: Muriel Sicot auf Facebbook

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